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Founders' Assembly

A Manchester-based founders knowledge exchange for active startup founders.
We ran 18 sessions helping 49 founders in 2014. We're looking for sponsors to help bring it back accross the UK in 2016?

A fortnightly session for founders who are actively working on their startups.

All are welcome if you are working on a startup, and can talk about what you have been working on in the last 2 weeks, and your plans for the following fortnight.

Have a look at the slides from Alan's presentation at GreatPreneurs.

Interested in attending a session in Liverpool, Sheffield or Birmingam? Or another city. We can put you intouch with others in your locality.

A MCR Startups production by Ian Moss and Alan Ward. With massive thanks to Rob Fitzpatrick and Sal.

Message us on Twitter if you have questions.